Trade-Off Program


Hope City’s Trade-Off-Program (T.O.P.) is a faith based in-house program offering two 90 day back to back tracks to those struggling with addiction and other life altering circumstances.

T.O.P. represents the “Trading-Off” of our addictions to receive the life and power of Jesus Christ. Your first 90-days will involve a schedule designed to help you detox and to train you to do the basics of daily living. For example,  you will be getting up at the same time everyday, showing up on time and being diligent in your assignments. You will receive training and equipping in the Bible, new recovery skills and learn how to build healthy relationships. Upon completing the first track successfully, you will be offered an opportunity to attend the second track.

Our second track offers leadership skills, goal setting, learning to work in a role or position here at Hope City. Opportunities involve music, sound, culinary, small group leadership to list a few.

If you are struggling with meth, cocaine, heroin, prescription pills or alcohol, and find that you can’t change the course that you are on then the Trade-Off-Program maybe for you.

Interviews are necessary and space is limited.


Program Services

Life Skills

Developing daily living skills
Restoring family relationships
Job skills
Community Living


Bible School
GED Classes
Financial Planning


Individual counseling
Group counseling and recovery

Spiritual Growth

Church Growth
Life Group
Prayer Meetings
Daily Devotions