About Hope City KC

Hope City is a house of prayer and community center that seeks to bring social justice to the inner city of Kansas City. From the place of prayer a Community Center feeds the hungry, the Trade-Off-Program helps the addicts, the Youth Program is provided for at-risk kids, and Internships equip men and women to minister in the inner city.

Jesus who is the King of Social Justice said in Luke 18, “that we are to cry out night and day for justice to come to the earth.”  Hope City is located in one of Kansas City’s toughest neighborhoods known for high gang violence, murder, and poverty.  Daily we are confronted with real life scenarios where those who have been marginalized by society are forced into desperate situations.

We are given the opportunity to show the love of Jesus in word and deed and bring HOPE to the city.  We see the life changing power of God’s love and presence working everyday.

Murder Factory, Part 1: 64130, The Zip Code of Notoriety in Missouri

(Excerpt from an article written by Tony Rizzo published in the Kansas City Star, Sunday, January 25, 2009)

“Many who became killers said they had few examples of legitimate success to follow in their neighborhoods. Instead they were drawn to the fast life of hustling, stealing and dealing drugs, jewelry, wads of cash and flashy cars, often displayed by older family members, lured them.”

“We have to open their minds to something besides bling-bling,” said convicted Killer Charles Muldrow. “There’s the set-up. Everybody wants some bling-bling.”

“Again and again 64130’s murderers said the area offers little in the way of positive alternatives.”

“They don’t have nothing to do,” Muldrow said. “That’s why they go out there and terrorize.”

“Broken homes, domestic violence and absent or drug-addicted parents also affected their upbringing.”


  • Between 700,000 and 2 million homeless in America.
  • America has one the highest homicide rates in the nations.
  • Hope City is located in one of Kansas City’s toughest neighborhoods, its murder rate peaking at highs competing with murder rates in other big cities in America.
  • Over 17,000 homeless every year in Kansas City.
  • 17% of Kansas City lives in poverty.
  • Kansas City had the second highest rate of violent crime at 1,263 incidents per 100,000 residents in 2012.
  • Unemployment in America’s inner city regularly reaches 40%.