Next to the Last Vein (Book)


Next to the Last Vein is a gripping story of glorious transformation.  Its’ story is told from one of the most trying set of circumstances.  At the young age of 12, Lisa began sticking needles in her arm.  By the age of 16, she was a hardened junkie.  After bouts of homelessness and 15 long years of living a life of crime, violence, and abuse; she hit rock bottom.  Hope finds her in a Missouri penitentiary with nowhere to turn, but to God.

This book is riveting and sure to give hope to individuals or families who have members struggling with addiction. However, it does not stop there.  Lisa tells her story with candidness for the sole purpose of reaching out and speaking to the heart of issues that are plaguing our nation, along with giving hope to others on their journey towards freedom.


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