T.O.P. represents the “Trading-Off” of our addictions to receive the life and power of Jesus Christ.  Your first 90-days will involve a schedule designed to help you detox and to train you to do the basics of daily living.  For example,  you will be getting up at the same time everyday, showing up on time and being diligent in your assignments. You will receive training and equipping in the Bible, new recovery skills and learn how to build healthy relationships.  Upon completing the first track successfully, you will be offered an opportunity to attend the second track.

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Youth Program

Hope City’s outreach to the youth is very intentional in our pursuit of the hearts of the young ones. Our mandate is to train and equip them in the things of God while meeting their everyday needs.

Many of our youth are homeless and are struggling within the family context to have their basic needs met. Here at Hope City we meet that challenge everyday, and turn it into an opportunity.

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